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We are a new age veterinary clinic in Dubai that provides our services to customers at a very reasonable costs, yes you read it right reasonable cost, no your eyes are alright, REASONABLE COST. Yes we do not have a frilly website nor do we boast about about the number of vets on board, however we do boast about the quality of veterinary machines we have in house and the access to the quick world class blood test we carry out. We are new, so what? Meet our vets and find out if they are know what they are saying. Making a diagnose cannot be done without the latest machines, soon robots will be able to sense whats wrong with your pet and make a diagnosis….. we wait for that day, where we HOOOMANS are no longer required ….loll

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Talk to the VET clinic without leaving your house

These interesting times have made us think out side the box. You can now at the comfort of your home, chat with us on our Whatsapp number by sharing images of your pet. In the event we believe you need to come in, we have a letter authorizing you to visit us too. All in all we have you covered for all the pet care that you looking for right here in Dubai.







VET Dubai Case

Our vets located at Al barsha vet clinic in Dubai are brave enough to discuss difficult cases. Need a second opinion for vet care? Visit us for a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Question About VET Veterinary clinic.

Why Vet Veterinary Clinic is the preferred choice.?

We are a new age veterinary clinic in Dubai that provides our services to all pet parents at a very reasonable & affordable costs. Be it a consultation, follow up or any procedure to be performed.

Does Vet Veterinary Clinic offer Emergency Care?

Vet Veterinary Clinic is advanced pet care provider in Dubai. During hospital hours, Vet Veterinary hospital can provide urgent care assistance. Depending on your pet’s individual needs and hospital capacity, assistance may consist of Urgent care stabilization, Laboratory testing and x-rays, infection treatments, Wound and fracture care, Treatment for poisonings or seizures.

Does Vet Veterinary Dubai Clinic offer pet essentials?

Yes, we do offer, right from Royal Canine, Trovet, Lilly Kitchen, Absolute Holistic Bisque to Kitty Crunch Cat Treats, Self-Warming beds, Shampoos, Catnips and so much more. All the range can be viewed and shopped from

What are the services we provide?

Our veterinarians & technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health issues. We provide the best possible care for your pet- from preventive care to surgeries, pet dentistry, pet boarding and much more.

Does Vet Veterinary Clinic treat exotic pets?

Yes our veterinarians treat exotic animals such as reptiles and birds. We also offer treatment for other small mammals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and gerbils.

Where are we located and our timings ?

We are in Al Barsha, Dubai. Extremely easy to find us on Google Maps. We operate from 9am to 9pm all 7 days a week.

What to Expect in the First 24 Hours With Your New Cat?

The First Few Hours – Providing a Safe, Quiet and Secure Space

After a Few Hours – Introducing Food

2nd Half of the Day – Introduction to wider family

After 12 Hours – Introducing Toys

Do Microchip cause cancer in pets?

the AVMA recommends microchips for safe permanent identification. Risks involved-

Potential for injury or infection

Are cats still sexually active after spay-neutering?

The short answer is no, probably not.These hormones may cause the cat to temporarily continue some sexual behaviors. After the surgery, sex hormone are expected to fade away which results in eliminating cat’s sex drive.

What Do Pale Gums in Dogs Mean?

Pale gums are often a sign of anemia in dogs. And Anemia is due to lack of red blood cells in the blood.

Decreased Red Blood Cell Production- As a result of chronic diseases of the kidneys or liver, a dog may not produce adequate amounts of red blood cells.

Shock- Shock is a serious emergency condition and should be addressed by a veterinarian immediately.

What can happen if my pet's teeth aren't cleaned?

Both plaque and tartar can certainly damage the teeth and gums. Disease starts with the gums (gingiva). They become inflamed – red, swollen, and sore.

But my pet is only 3 years old. Isn't this an "old dog/cat disease"?

No – dental disease is not just for senior pets. It varies on varied factors like age, diet, dental anatomy– that play a role in the growth of dental plaque and tartar.

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