About Us

We are a new age veterinary clinic in Dubai that provides our services to customers at a very reasonable costs, yes you read it right reasonable cost, no your eyes are alright, REASONABLE COST. Yes we do not have a frilly website nor do we boast about about the number of vets on board, however we do boast about the quality of veterinary machines we have in house and the access to the quick world class blood test we carry out. We are new, so what? Meet our vets and find out if they are know what they are saying. Making a diagnose cannot be done without without the latest machines, soon robots will be able to sense whats wrong with your pet and make a diagnosis….. we wait for that day, where we HOOOMANS are no longer required ….loll

If in any case we are not able to treat your animal, we wont waste your time and money, we will simply refer you to the closest talented vet we know that would handle your case better than us.

Every vet has limitations and comes from a different school of thought, although we follow strict protocols, they are given an open hand in practicing and implementing new treatment methods after discussing with the pet parent. Let your vet take a lead in your pets health and not an online search engine.

Psssssssssttt a little secret: Not to forget our support staff & our talented nurses……. a big heads up, they are as good as our vets….. maybe even better 😉

That’s all there is to add to the about us section, do check out our veterinary practice pictures if you got more time on your hands !


Its difficult to find a pet ophthalmologist in Dubai, but here goes: Our vision is to have our clinic in every community so you don’t have to travel long distances with your pet… saying that you can see the whole of Dubai in approx 2 to 3 hours…..


Too more serious stuff, every company/ individual has a mission in life, and ours is simply to provide your pet with a good quality of life, so we all can sing Hakuna Matata…….Hakuna Matata…..!

Our Superstars......... just like they do in Hollywood.....

Dr Maie Yousif

I am born and brought up in Sudan. I enjoyed my childhood watching the crocodile in the river Nile, playing with farm animals and running after dogs and cats. I was inspired by my late uncle who was a veterinary surgeon and wanted to chase my dream of becoming a veterinarian and help save lives […]

Dr Amarrah Shah

Born in heavenly Kashmir I was always close to nature. Different forms of life intrigued me. From crickets to fish, birds and horses I had a curiosity to know everything about them. This led me to take up veterinary sciences and I fell in love with every bit of it. For me Vet science is […]


I was born and brought up in Nairobi Kenya.”Animals are a man’s best friend”I strongly believe on this proverb,for the same reason I achieved a Diploma in Veterinary Practice Receptionist from Mount Kenya University.I later joined Kspca company an Animal shelter in Nairobi where I helped rescue stray Dogs and Cats.I then moved to Dubai […]

Arthur Escritor

Born in the beautiful Island of the Philippines During my childhood days I took care of our little Farm and also fell in love with my first pet name CHOCO, he is my rescued Labrador. Post which I began my journey of rescuing animals by finding them a good Home. I also participated in various […]