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Skin, skin& more skin... a very hot topic

Skin issues are probably the most talked about topic today….with the increasing heat and humid environment we live in, there are higher chances our pets get into issues with their skin. Lets throw n a few external bugs like mites, fleas and juicy ticks.

While all vets love tackling skin issues, a majority of them succeed and some of them fail. Did we say vets failing? Not at all, we simply meant if fur-parents don’t follow the advise of the vets in tackling skin issues, we all fail.

Let us explain further:

Medicines have side effects and we understand them and so do our vets

  • Vets start tackling skin issues with small doses of medicines so they don’t overload the pets immune system
  • Furparent goes online reads about the terrible effects and decides to follow a holistic approach
  • Parent further researches natural food and home remedies & stops giving medicines
  • One week past and the skin condition gets worse
  • Vet wonders why the medicines havent worked?
  • Here we are back to square one

Simply because: We Hoomans think we know it all! Most importantly trust your vet, he/she is not giving you a medicine for the skin condition but working on a long term solution.

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Skin Condition a problem- Video in Arabic



Fleas consumes 15 times its weight in blood each day



Once a Tick bites your pets, it can stay on for 10 days



Heartworms can grow upto 32 cms in length

See the SKIN?

Our vets love the skin and so should you, its a living organ and we need to take it seriously!