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VET Veterinary provides personalized services to help you show your cuddly companions how much they care. Our staff members are friendly and professionally trained, guaranteeing your pets are always in good hands. The friendly groomers at VET Veterinary Clinic are experienced with popular breeds, so they can groom your pet to its breed standards or to your personal instruction.

VET Veterinary Clinics grooming salon is equipped with a large bath, hot and cold showers, salon-professional drying and grooming equipment and excellent safety features. All wash stations are disinfected after every client and offers a selection of premium shampoos and conditioners from USA that leave their coats silky smooth and shining.

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Canine Full Groom Washing
Puppies(0 to 4 months)* 215.00 140.00
Small Dogs* 215.00 140.00
Medium Dogs* 240.00 160.00
Large Dogs* 290.00 190.00
X-Large Dogs* 390.00 200.00
Feline Full Groom Washing
Kittens(0 to 4 months)* 215.00 140.00
Cats- Regular Cut* 215.00 140.00
Cat- Lion Cut* 240.00 140.00

* Full groom includes haircut, shampoo, blowdry, nail clip , tooth brush, eye and ear cleaning.


A – La Carte Menu
Nail Trimming 40.00
Nail Trimming, Ears Cleaning/Plucking and Pad Trimming 100.00
Polish Nails/Nail Grinding 40.00
Teeth Brushing with tooth brush 40.00
De-mat / De-tangle brushing on an half hourly basis 40.00
Excessive Undercocat Removal on half hours basis 50.00
Medicated Bath (e.g. Flea Bath) 200.00

* Full grooming time 2 hours (approx)
* Please book at least 1 week in advance to secure a spot
* All prices in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)