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Hospitalization Suites.......

Our current hotel has 10 studio sized suites, the size of capsules, providing your pet enough space to move, our suites don’t come with a flat LED TV but come with a towel, a heat lamp and some puppy pads. Cats get an extra perk of having a litter box with enough litter to dig, dig and dig even further. The reason we restrict space is to prevent the animal from moving a lot hence opening any stitches or bandages. We all know that it may sound cruel to keep an animal in a confined space, but we need to do it for the betterment for the animal for a day or two after a surgery. The last thing you want is to take out the car, find the box, wait for the cat to show up and come back to the vet to re-do the stitches. Listen to the Vet, he/she knows what they are doing.