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Ultrasound: Cardiac/Abdominal

Very small machine, infact the size of an overgrown laptop, making it highly portable, we love taking it on field trips. A highly useful equipment, highly sophisticated, thanks to our expert vets we are able to crack down on how to read this device. Simply put, want to find out if your little furball is pregnant, count the number of heartbeats with our vets.

Fight dental disease with 3
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Masses in the abdomen

Say your vet palpates a growth or abnormality in the abdomen, or X-rays show a possible mass. An ultrasound can often tell you what organs are affected and if surgery is the right option.


Bladder and kidneys

Ultrasounds help us to look inside the bladder, the kidneys, the prostate or uterus. If your pet is having problems urinating, recurrent infections or bloodwork shows kidney problems or infection, an ultrasound can be invaluable.


Adrenal glands

You have probably heard a bunch about Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism) in older dogs and how frustrating it can be to diagnose and treat. Ultrasound lets us look at the small adrenal glands, difficult to see on plain X-rays, and gives us another piece of the Cushing’s puzzle.

Can't wait to get out..............

The above video was shot using low-light, as we all needed to see the ultrasound screen in glory. Our vets are screening for little munchkins , we are checking to see the number of heartbeats within the new mama on the block. As far as what our vets can see is 3 beats… don’t worry they were all doing fine during the video and we should have them all out by the time the site goes live!