Oral and Dental Care

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You’re not the only one who
needs dental care.

We HOOMANS often forget about our pets dental hygiene, we need to brush their teeth just as we do ours, for all the right reasons. Should we give you the reasons, here goes: Prevent tartar, prevent fowl smelling mouth often called as fishy mouth, prevent the tooth fairy taking away rotten teeth.

Fight dental disease with 3
easy steps



Flip your furry friends lip to check for bad breath and tartar



Have your furry friend checked by a VET Veterinary Doctor and get an annual cleaning



Brush your furry friends teeth at home and offer Nylabone and other dental treats on a daily routine

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During the dental procedure, that you can view above, you will note that we will be knocking the pet unconscious with oxygen tubes in his/her mouth, quiet like what you see in an ICU, but no worries everything is monitored continuously. We will remove any plaque and tartar from the teeth and polish them, till the vets can see their lovely faces. Next you will see us grinding into the tooth with the dental probes pulling out the rotten one as one rotten egg spoils the whole basket! The video is interesting grab a pop corn and enjoy the movie……..