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Help us fight against pet overpopulation!!!!

Our Vets, Our staff, Our Management is a firm believer in controlling unwanted animal population, while be truly respect that at the end it is the decision of the pet parent and we truly leave it at their discretion.

Uncastrated Male cats: Be prepared for vet visits after a cat fight, male cats usually wander out of the house and try to potray being the meanest tough guy around town, some get bitten whereas most get beaten. Through the cat fight, Mr Mean guy can contract feline leukemia or feline aids virus or maybe end up getting both, which is not good, this attacks Mr Mean guys immune system and then you know what happens….pretty self explanatory……

Uncastrated Male dogs: Mr Nice guys comes home as a puppy and then shows signs of growing up…. Unwanted behavious and urinating, marking territory are some of the problems faced by pet owners. Its time to chop off Mr Nice guys nuts, which in prevents testicular cancer and moreover corrects any unwanted behavior. Always remember to reward Mr Nice buy after the surgery , but beware he will tend to put a lot of weight so be careful pet parents.

Female Dogs/Cats: Cats in heat MEOOOOOOOWWWWW loud and we mean loud………. You might think there must be something wrong, in fact its their hormones singing the OPERA. Cats should be spayed to STOP the unwanted cat population, a SNIP in time saves Lives…… Female dogs on the other hand live longer if spayed, according to research, they are less prone to mammary cancer, the ultimate goal for everyone is to reduce unwanted populations….

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