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Zola Ear Infection Case study


Zola , 3 years old spayed Female maltese came in to the clinic as she was scratching her ears .

Previously a month ago the Owner came in for kennel cough vaccination. On the Physical examination small amount of waxy discharge from the right ear was noticed owner advised to do ear cytology owner declined.

Physical examination

On examination Zola was Bright Active.


Weight: 5 Kg

Temperature: 38.5 C

Heart Rate: normal

Capillary Refill Time [In Sec.]: 1

Mucous Membrane: PINK

On examination it was noticed that right ear was erythematous, warm to the touch, and contained moderate ceremonious debris. A significant amount of crusting was also noted moreover Zola’s ear had a bad odor.

The above picture was taken. There was inflammation and dark discharge seen.

Therefore ear smear and ear cytology was suggested.

Diagnostics Test

Ear smear showed dark exudates with no mites.

Ear cytology was showed that

Bacteria cooci ++

yeast Malassezia pachydermatis +++

Neutrophils +++ (indicating acute inflammation)

Above picture shows: Ear cytology showed yeast +++ cocci++ and neutrophils++


Unilateral Otitis externa (right ear)


Ears were cleaned well using ear cleaners for dogs

Dexamethasone Inj was given

Fusidic Acid ointment twice a day to apply on the pinna was prescribed

Ear drop 5- 7 drops twice a day for 7 days

Cetrizine Tablet was prescribed for 5 days

Deworming and Bravecto was also given

  1. collar was suggested and nail was trimmed so she could not scratch her inflamed ear.


Follow up

After 7 days Zola came again for a follow up she was better and extremely bright she was playing with everyone in the clinic.

She was not scratching her ears. The ears had no discharge and the pinna was not inflamed.

On recheck of ear smear no mites seen.

Ears cytologhy show cocci – yeast – Neutrophils –





On follow up the above picture was taken. No inflammation no discharge seen.





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