Case Studies Details

KitKAt Bladder Case study: Dr Shaurat

Client name: Kitkat

Breed: British Shorthair

Colour: Blue

Sex: M

Age: 4 years



Kitkat was 4 years old when he came to the clinic with a complain of vomiting three (3) times

His parent stated that Kitkat had not passed urine since two(2) days

Kitkat was staying at a friends place while his fur parent was out of town.

Kitkat had another guest cat staying with him that dint like him around, cat showing clear signs of stress



On physical examination Kitkat showed pain on palpation of the abdomen

Urinary bladder was full, distended and Kitkat felt pain on palpation

Kitkat was immediately administered fluids/electrolytes as he was dehydrated and lethargic

Completed blood Count (CBC) & General Health Profile test were suggested



IDEXX CBC & General Health Profile was conducted, leading to the Creatinine levels being very high ,levels above 130

Ultrasound was done and the urinary bladder was distended with sludge

Furthermore free fluid was seen around the urinary bladder

Leak suspected in the abdomen

Electro Cardio Gram (ECG) was also done.

HYPERKALEMIA was detected due to blockage in the urethra and leak in the abdomen


Since Kitkats Potassium (K) levels were high, he was administered Calcium gluconate inj intravenous

Insulin levels were maintained

Dextrose was administered, ECG was monitored

Kitkat was sedated and then a urinary catheter was placed.

The tom cat catheter was placed in Kitkats urethrea with great difficulty as there was a mucus plug also seen

The urine collected was dark red showed increase blood, protein and glucose.

For maintaince Inj amoxicillin and ringer lactate was administered

Kitkat was kept in the hospital for 1 week and was monitored regularly.

Follow up electrolytes were administered

Potassium levels dropped down to 4.5 levels

Urinary catheter replaced to avoid infection

Regular checks were conducted on Kitkats progress

Fluid was given according to his weight

He was also force fed Trovet recovery food

Kitkat was discharges a week after hospitalization and sent home


Kitkat’s furparent was advised to come in for regular check up every 3 month to check kidney functions.

Kitkat was advised to move back to his original house being the only cat

A water fountain was suggested to increase the water intake of Kitkat

Cat comfort (pheromone) was also advised


Kitkat was called in after two (2) days

Ultrasound was conducted, no leak was seen

Creatinine was not stable and Kitkat was prescribed Trovet renal food



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