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Case Study: GIARDIASIS by Dr. Ammarah Shah

Client name: Max

Breed: Poodle

Colour: Biscuit

Sex: Male

Age: 4 months


  • Max was 8 weeks old when he came in for a general check up
  • He had all his vaccines, including kennel cough and his first shot of DHPPiL
  • His appetite has been low since he was brought home.
  • Parent showed a picture of Max’s stools which were not formed (solid) , had mucus and blood
  • The puppy had passed loose stools three times that day
  • Puppy called for checkup


  • On physical examination Max was bright, alert and reactive
  • Temperature: Normal
  • Weight: 0.90kgs
  • On Auscultation no abnormalities were detected in the heart and lungs
  • On palpation lymph nodes were normal
  • No pain on abdominal palpation but gas was felt and observed
  • While taking temperature the stool was observed around the anal area
  • Parvo Virus and Giardia test were suggested to the pet parent


  • IDEXX Snap Giardia test :Test conducted on Max the poodle with a POSITIVE (+) result
  • IDEXX Snap Canine Parvo Virus test : Test conducted on Max the poodle with a NEGATIVE (-) result


  • Antibiotic administered : Metronidazole was given for seven (7) days based on Max’s weight
  • Pro-biotic administered: Prokolin was given for 7 days
  • Prescribed food recommended: Trovet Gastro Intestenal wet food was advised to be added to the existing food to aid digestion
  • Anal area was shaved. Hexiscrub was given to clean after he passes stool


  • As Giardia is a zoonotic disease the owner was asked to use gloves while cleaning up after Max passes stool
  • Since Max was not toilet trained, he was advised to do his business on puppy pads, first step in getting him potty trained
  • The pet parent was advised not to take Max outside for walks as his booster vaccinations were not yet completed
  • A House disinfectant (Safe4) was prescribed to clean the areas Max was in contact with
  • The parent was asked to come for a follow up in 7 days.


  • Upon examination Max was bright, alert and reactive
  • Stools were solid and no blood was seen
  • Upon conversing witht he pet parent, they stated Max is more active and eating well now
  • Idexx Giardia test was repeated: Test conducted on Max the poodle with a NEGATIVE (-) result
  • Pet parent was advised to continue with the Trovet Gastro Intestinal food and pro-biotics to strengthen the normal intestinal micro-flora
  • Multi vitamins were added to the diet








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